"Nobody is alone in this world. We have to coexist and take care of each other."

ahh thank you so much for asking such a wonderful question! ♥

Anonymous asked: stop trying to make your eyes bigger in pictures its obvious youre widening them yourself to look more ~kawaii uguuuu~ its pathetic. youre ugly and look like a murderer tbh.

oh gosh I’m….I’m so sorry I’ve given you such a frightening impression based on my looks! For what it’s worth, the last thing I’d do is hurt another living creature under any circumstances, please don’t worry!

I really wish I could do something about the way my eyes look since a lot of people seem to find them unsettling, but sadly that’s just the way they look so there’s not much I can do…?

I understand if you’d rather avoid me entirely, but if possible I’d be very happy if we might be able to get to know one another so you can see I’m harmless!It might put your mind at ease and make your online experience more enjoyable, the last thing I’d want is for you to feel ill at ease because of me!


Anonymous asked: what would you wear on a date with zera


Anonymous asked: är du och zera kompisar? :o

Ja! Zera är min kära, oerhört viktiga vän. Jag vet inte vad jag skulle göra utan dom! Tack vare Zera så har jag upplevt många helt nya saker som jag aldrig skulle ha kunnat drömma om för bara några år sedan. Dom betyder jättemycket för mig och det finns inget jag inte skulle göra för deras skull!

Jag är så tacksam över att ha en sådan snäll, omtänksam och underbart fantastisk vän. ♥


Anonymous asked: First impression was that you are a real-life Shiemi. Current impression of you is that you are... still a real-life Shiemi. And it is adorable.

oh…! it’s so nice of you to compare me to someone as wonderful as Shiemi, thank you so much! I don’t think I’m anywhere near as amazing as her but I’d be really happy if I could be as brave as her someday!