"Nobody is alone in this world. We have to coexist and take care of each other."
Anonymous asked: You claim to be all innocent and flinch at the sight of even a topless male, yet you go on /soc/ where there's literally pictures of penises on every page. How does that even work?

oh! 4chan as a reputation of being a bit explicit so I make sure to have all images blocked whenever I browse it fort my own safety ehe. Every once in a while I unblock them if I’m in a thread where I’m sure there aren’t any explicit ones and I haven’t come across anything scary yet, luckily!

Bad reputation aside, my experience with 4chan has been really pleasant! I haven’t encountered anyone unpleasant and I’ve managed to make some new friends I might not have met if I hadn’t visited the site. I’ve befriended helicopter pilots, zoo workers and all kinds of students thanks to daring to go out of my element and visit a site I wouldn’t usually be found at, it’s been a big adventure!


sistermarmalade asked: Have you ever wanted to save a moth so badly you headbutted your big bro?


Anonymous asked: you posted on 4chan a few times last month and i wanted to thank you. i've never seen the 4chan community behave so politely and civil as it did in threads you posted in. you just seem to have a positive influence on people, like they can't seem to be bitter or snarky when you're around. not even the cynical shut ins who spend days trolling anonymous imageboards. thank you.

oh goodness! I’d never have thought anyone would’ve noticed me posting? You’re really attentive to recognize me when I only replied to a few threads without a handle name! I’m so happy to hear I managed to make a teeny tiny impression on you, especially after hearing it was a positive one! I was really scared about using 4chan since I’ve heard bad things about the community, but everyone I interacted with was incredibly kind and polite ehe. I had a lot of fun during my brief visit!

Thank you so very much for taking the time to type out such a sweet and heartwarming message, it means a lot to know that you noticed me and enjoyed me posting there! I hope you’re having a wonderful day, anonymous!


yixing-sshi asked: Happy birthday My! I hope you have a lovely birthday and enjoy it with your family! ♡

Thank you so much! My day’s been really wonderful so far! I had a slice of delicious marzipan cake with banana flavoring for breakfast and we’re having chinese takeout for dinner which I’m super excited for ehe.

Now I’m just relaxing on my bed together with my bunny! ♥


Anonymous asked: Happy Birthday, most beautiful forest Princess!

aaa thank you so much…!


Anonymous asked: knowing that in this day and age a girl exists in a deep forest who spends her days caring for plants and animals with a heart of gold means so much to me. you're a literal forest fairy and a gift to the world, thank you for being my friend.

o-oh gosh, no I’m the one who should be thanking you! Thank you so much for harboring such sweet feelings towards me and liking me for who I am, it’s so very kind of you to see so many nice qualities in a silly little thing like me!

Thank you so much for taking the time out of your day to write this, treating me with so much kindness and being friends with me. If anyone’s a gift here it’s you…!


Anonymous asked: ahh your horses are so cute! what are their names?

eee thank you so much! The white one’s named Peggen and he’s twenty-two years old, the black one’s Nella and she’s nineteen!


Anonymous asked: your hands are fat

They are aren’t they!

They’re the perfect size and shape for taking care of plants and the squishiness of my fingers have blessed me with the power to give super soft belly rubs to all my animal friends ehe. ♥


Anonymous asked: May I ask when your birthday is My?

ah yes, of course! I’m sorry, I forgot to mention the date!

It’s April 6th!


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